What the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Your Website is called Fontpik, not iconclub. What’s that all about?

 First of all: We are passionate about creating free tools for designers. Our main focus lies on typography but with iconclub we’re also exploring some different areas. We don’t want to give away too much but fontpik will be a free font manager for both Mac and Windows. It will be released at the end of the year so stay tuned with our newsletter. In the meantime our other app, iconclub, is out now!

What is iconclub all about?

iconclub is an app for graphic designers, UI/UX designers and basically anyone who is in need for a well designed, clean icon for their project. We support over 7500+ icons which you can easily drag and drop into any program. Looking for a specific icon? Just search for it. There is a good chance you’ll find more than one icon fitting your needs.


I don’t have a Mac. Does iconclub run on Windows, too? 

Good news! iconclub is supported on both Mac OS X and Windows. 


Are all the icons free for commercial use?

We only support icon sets which are under the creative commons license so yeah – every icon
you’ll fall in love with is free to use in your commercial projects. More on that you can also find in the PDF included in the download ZIP.

Can I change the color of the icons?

All icons are .svg files which makes them editable in most programs which are vector based (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Experience Design). You can change the color and resize the icon without any kind of quality loss. 


I have created some icons myself. How can I join the iconclub?

We would love to include your icons in our ever-growing library! Please contact us at hello@fontpik.com and don’t forget to attach a link where we can find your icons. We will credit every creator who contributes their work on our website.


Who is behind all this?

FontPik is a product by phitradesign fonts, a type foundry from Dusseldorf, Germany in cooperation with Marco Sadowski, an software developer from Hagen, Germany. Be sure to check us out if you like what we’re doing. 


I just found a Bug or have another problem with the app. Where can I get help? 

Send a mail to hello@fontpik.com or contact Marco Sadowski on Twitter. 

Iconclub won’t install on my mac 🙁

Since we are brand new and we’re currently not verified by Apple you may be experiencing a pop-up by Apple telling you that your preferences forbid the installation. Don’t worry! There is an easy fix. Just click on System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and you will be able to allow iconclub to be installed. After that the installer is launching and you’re good to go. 


My question is not listed here 🙁

No problem, just send us an email to hello@fontpik.com and we’ll reply ASAP.